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The use of Azna porcelain stone in the building

The use of Azna porcelain stone in building, which is limestone or dolomite, is very high. A stone whose particles and minerals have endured the pressure and heat underground for hundreds of years and recrystallized. This stone has been metamorphosed and combined with other minerals. Azna porcelain is the most famous Iranian crystal stone, which […]

What is the best stone facade?

Among all the materials, stone is a material that has been used in the facade of the building since the past until today, and its durability and high resistance are always mentioned. The facade stone must be without cracks and breaks and not porous, because the exterior is one of the important parts of the […]

Rules for the implementation of stone façade

Stone in architecture and its role in the facade of the structure Perhaps the most important role of stone in architecture is its role in designing the exterior of a structure. For the design and construction of the exterior of the building, durable, resistant and attractive stones are used, which are resistant to various natural […]

The best building stones of Iran

There are different types of building stones and each of them has unique characteristics that are used in different parts of the building. In this article, we mention 4 types of stones that are widely used in the building. The following stones are placed in the category of travertine, marble and porcelain stones. Salsali Stone […]