Stone in architecture and its role in the facade of the structure

Perhaps the most important role of stone in architecture is its role in designing the exterior of a structure. For the design and construction of the exterior of the building, durable, resistant and attractive stones are used, which are resistant to various natural and environmental factors and are not easily damaged. Environmental factors such as cold and hot weather during the day and night, direct sunlight, snow and rain, strong winds and things like that can cause the destruction and disintegration of a stone and cause problems for you. One of the other influential factors in the choice of stone in exterior architecture is the location of the structure. Depending on whether your structure is in a cold or warm region, different stones can be used. For the facade of the building, high-quality stones should be used, which have the ability to resist natural factors and can meet the needs of the people inside the building during the useful life of the structure.

Interior architecture with stone

Stone is a suitable option for interior decoration of buildings and home decor architecture. In addition to its good appearance, it has high resistance in the structure. In interior architecture, stone is used to decorate the main wall of the house, fireplace, columns, window side, behind the TV, etc. Decorative and luxurious stones in these spaces play the same role as wallpaper and wall posters.

Stone in the interior wall coverings of the building

High-quality and beautiful stones for the interior walls of the building give it a stylish and modern effect. Stone is the best option for the walls of the bathroom (toilet and bathroom), kitchen and corridors. The stone used for the wall of these spaces should have a polished and polished surface in addition to a beautiful appearance. Also, these stones should be resistant to acid and detergent.

The use of stone on the floor of the building

Stone is the best option for covering the floor and stairs of a building. The stones that are used for the stairs must be able to be cut to the required sizes. These stones are exposed to pollution and blackening more than other stones in the building, and therefore, they should be resistant to detergents and disinfectants and not suffer from problems. One of the best stones that can be used in stairs and building floors is quartzite stone.

Use of stone for walls

One of the methods that can be used to reduce decoration design costs is to use cheap and simple stones for wall covering. These stones can be stones that exist in the natural environment around you or can be bought ready-made in the market. By installing stones in the walls, if there is a gap between them, fill this gap with the help of smaller stones. Limestone and sandstone are two great materials for your wall.

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