There are different types of building stones and each of them has unique characteristics that are used in different parts of the building. In this article, we mention 4 types of stones that are widely used in the building. The following stones are placed in the category of travertine, marble and porcelain stones.

Salsali Stone

Salsali stone is from the family of marble stones. High strength, reasonable price and eye-catching beauty have made this stone one of the most popular building stones in Iran and it is used in many buildings and places. Considering that this stone is from the family of marble stones. It is better not to use it in the external spaces of the building where there is a possibility of rain and frost

which may cause weathering or cracks on the surface of the stone if used Use it longitudinally in the body of the parking lot and staircases, etc. Of course, in outdoor spaces, you can use stone with greater thickness, or in the form of stairs, or premium Salsali marble that has fewer veins and is more resistant to cold and frost. The mine of this stone was located in the city of Khor and Biabank, Isfahan, for this reason, this stone is also known as Khor marble. This stone is mostly used in internal walls, floors and internal stairs. To use this stone outside the building, it is better to choose the premium grade. Premium stone has a higher resistance due to having fewer lines.

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